Always Compare the Two Choices When Deciding on a New or Used Car

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When it comes to buying a car, be it to upgrade an old model or buy for the first time neither is expensive. An argument has always been placed on the difference between buying a car brand new or used. There is no doubt that buying a new car is expensive, but you do receive added benefits which you lose by paying less for a used car.

One advantage of buying a car previously used by another road user would be avoiding the cost of paying the mark up added by a car dealership when a car is brand new, by using websites such as auto-trader you can often cut out the middle man and gain a better price. By buying used you also cut out a huge proportion of the depreciation cost encountered when buying a car brand new.
It is however well established that the cost of buying a used car is considerably less when compared to the cost of buying a car brand new. Buyers of new cars are under no illusions that a new car is any better in terms of value for money.

One way in which people buying used cars take a risk is the variability of the quality of a used car, people selling a used car without the aid of a dealership may be hiding a hidden problem with the vehicle which may not be immediately obvious when test driving and examining the vehicle. This is often a big risk in terms of financial cost and potential safety to drive. Characteristics of this would be missing service papers or supporting documents, or alternatively an unusually cheap selling price where the car seems in roadworthy condition. This is avoided by buying new as the majority of problems with a new car would be picked up during production or further inspection at a dealership, and the majority of problems would be covered by a warranty on the new vehicle.

A further advantage to buying a car new is the potential for customisation, with interior styles and features combined with external appearances such as body kits and colour. Choosing these options is often a fantastic benefit allowing you to tailor your mechanical and aesthetic features to suit your wishes. If you are willing to sacrifice this aspect then choosing a used car option may the best choice for you. Eventually most decisions you make in life in relation to investments come down to financial decisions, this case isn’t massively different. If you can afford to buy a car new, this is often a desirable option giving you the best level of safety and choice to suit you perfectly. On the other hand if you feel buying a car brand new is beyond your financial means or you simply don’t mind the risk taken when buying a used car then choosing a used car is often a much more sensible move financially and could save significant amounts of money to apply elsewhere.